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Windows 8/10/11

Requires a CPU with AVX2 support (2012+). For older CPUs use version 6.13 below.


v6.16.3 LITE
Download from the Google Play store

Apple Mac (El Capitan+)

v6.9.8 LITE
Note that you'll need to right click and select 'open' to bypass download warning

Apple Mac (High Sierra+)

Requires Intel CPU. Older Version for M1/M2 available on request.

Older Versions

Windows v6.13 Professional

For older computers without AVX2 support
Right click | Save Link As
Direct Link

Windows 32 bit

For computers running legacy Windows
Right click | Save Link As
Direct Link

Windows v6.18 Professional

Last Windows 7 release
Right click | Save Link As
Direct Link

LITE versions are limited to basic image editing and conversion function only, but are free.

The Professional version is recommended for most users and supports video, VR and 2D->3D conversion. The Windows Professional version comes with a free 15 day trial before it reverts to LITE mode.